Goddess Hummus – Green Parsley & Vegan (2 minutes)

Goddess Hummus - Green Parsley & Vegan (2 minutes) Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Here’s some hummus you can make…I don’t know… in like 2 minutes. I love hummus. I used to blend hummus with fresh jalapeno and toss in sliced fancy olives. But I’m really into parsley right now. Parsley is amazing. And this recipe is the rad.

  1. Put 1 can chickpeas in the food processor with 2 TB oil, 2 TB tahini, 1-2 limes or limes, 4 TB water & large handful of parsley
  2. Blend and add salt to taste (1-2 ts maybe)
  3. Add more citrus or water if needed
  4. You’re done! ENJOY

For more details on this video watch my video below


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